Did you know...
A few essential facts about dogs:
  • An obedient dog is more balanced, happier, healthier and lives longer than a dog who rules your home.
  • Dogs are pack animals who depend on a strong and stable leader (you!) for his psychological and emotional well being. To have a calm and balanced dog you must be calm and balanced yourself since the master is always the main energy source of his dog.
  • A good master must understand and fulfill the primordial needs of his animal by adequately dosing exercise, discipline, structure and affection.
  • Calmness, steadfastness, consistency and coherence are essential tools in the education or rehabilitation of your dog.
  • The vast majority of behavioural problems in dogs are related to an inadequate understanding, on the part of the owner, of how to fulfill his dog's essential needs and of misinterpretation of canine language.
  • Most dogs love their masters but do NOT RESPECT them because they do not feel respected by them.
  • When a dog respects you he obeys you because he trusts you as his leader and feels fulfilled and secure with you. In a pack, there must be a leader. If you do not take your role properly as leader, your dog will instinctively try to fill that position and this will destabilize him since he is not equiped to occupy such a place in our human world. In this case, the bad hierarchic rapport with his master will manifest itself through all kinds of undesirable behaviours.
  • To be respected by your dog as his leader, you must first respect his animal needs as a dog and fulfill him as a breed.
  • Puppys must be urbanized and socialized to humans and other dogs between the age of two and three months old. This is a crucial perdiod in the emotional development of a dog and if we do not expose him to as many city sounds, as many types of people and dogs and to as many different situations as possible, he may develop fears, phobias, insecurity and even aggressiveness that we will later have to rehabilitate
  • A good master knows how to read his dog's body language to understand his moods and intentions. He can intervene rapidly to block certain behaviours before they escalate.

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