Whether you have an adult dog giving you a hard time or a puppy to train, Maestro can help you! WE COME TO YOUR HOME to OFFER you a FREE EVALUATION OF YOUR DOG, simple and lasting solutions to all his/her behaviour issues, customized education programs, HELP and professional advice at all times and, of course, the expertise of our dog trainers and dog behavious experts. We serve the greater Montreal area.
  • Walking on a leash
  • Cleanliness and house training
  • Running away or digging
  • Aggressiveness towards other dogs
  • Aggressiveness with people
  • Jumping on people
  • Overexcitement
  • Possessiveness over toys or food
  • Begging or stealing food
  • Destruction of objects
  • Fears et phobias
  • Territoriality
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Disobedience of all kinds
  • For adult dogs Maestro can:

  • IDENTIFY the sources of the problem(s)
  • OFFER YOU simple solutions to address and correctly solve the problem(s) for good
  • HELP YOU to better understand your pet so you can build and maintain a harmonious, healthy and respectful relationship with him/her
  • TEACH YOU methods that have been proven for over 20 years, on thousands of dogs and based on a solid knowledge of all aspects of canine behaviour.
  • ENCOURAGE YOU: Whatever your dog's age or breed, it is never too late to rehabilitate him and to show him how to become the companion of your dreams.

  • For puppies Maestro can:
  • Offer you advice BEFORE the adoption or puchase on how to best choose your new little companion (origin, breed, sex, temperament, energy level, compatibility with you and your family, etc.)
  • ACCOMPANY you AS you choose your puppy
  • ASSIST you AFTER your puppy comes home (house training, socialization, urbanization, evaluation, education and basic obedience, behaviour, effective communication, health, prevention)
  • HELP YOU establish, right from the start, a balanced and fulfilling bond with your small canine companion so you can both set off on the right paw!

  • If you do not have enough time to properly exercise your dog,
    we now offer dog walking services either on foot, by bike or
    even on rollerblades! Want to do it yourself? We can teach you!
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