Unfortunately, Maestro is no longer in service: Manon has moved to the country to open MiniMeute, a daycare and camp exclusively for small dogs. As for Maxime, he decided to follow another one of his passions by becoming Director of activities in a residence for seniors.
We wish to thank all our clients and their dogs for choosing Maestro for all these years and for the countless, unforgettable and magical moments we spent together! It was a real pleasure and an honor to work with you.

Your dog is naughty? Breathe! There are solutions!

At Maestro, our dog behaviour experts can help you to communicate clearly with your dog so you can achieve/maintain a healthy and harmonious relationship with him.

Whether it is to TRAIN your dog or to SOLVE his BEHAVIOUR ISSUES, you must first learn how to fulfill his essential needs (exercise, structure, consistency, discipline, affection) and learn to better understand the causes behind his behaviour.


Our secret? Simple. Good master = good dog!

Our approach:

First, Maestro proposes to meet you in the comfort of your home to offer you a COMPLETE FREE EVALUATION of your dog that will enable us to assess what is the best education method to use with him or the causes of his behaviour issues. Maestro can thus help you to address any behaviour problem at the source and obtain quick and lasting results.

Together, we will learn how to apply simple, efficient and proven methods to get the results you want with your dog. We can help you with the choice and training of your puppy as well as with the education or rehabilitation of your adult dog. With Maestro you will learn how to become a better master and leader so you can have a better dog in no time!

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